How many students are there in one class?

For big group, it is 12 (There are centres with 20-40 in one class). Smaller groups (max 5) are available.

What do you typically do in each lesson?

I go through key points of a topic, and provide a summary. I go through questions (guided practice) which are either intermediate difficulty or requiring higher order thinking. Links between chapters will be established to stretch students’ problem solving skills. Techniques to ace MCQ, structured and essay questions will be covered. Every school holiday (March, June and Sept), there will be extra and intensive classes. Pre O-level and A-level bootcamps are available.

What's your credentials? And experience?

Please refer to ‘About Dr Kwok’.

How much is the fees?

Fees depend on class size and level. Fees are charged by every four lessons. Please call to enquire.
No registration, no deposit, no material fees.

Will the pace of the class be suited to my child?

I will pitch the lesson level and pace according to the profile of the students. Those requiring more help will be pulled out in a separate class for more targeted and appropriate coaching. Students can ask questions (even from school) after class (also by whatsapp). Consults can be arranged.

Is there any cancellation policy?

Fees is collected in the first of every 4 lessons. No deposit, registration fees and material fees.

Are make-up classes available?

Yes. Several time slots are available for make-up.

Do the students have to purchase any assessment books/ guide books?

I have my own specially-prepared summary notes, practice questions and worksheets which is updated yearly to reflect the changes in the syllabus or emerging trends/foci in school papers and A level. As the boundary of the syllabus is less defined, I include additional materials to give students a competitive edge. Students will get a lot of practice through the numerous extra holiday intensives and bootcamps.

What makes this tuition class different from all other classes?

I aim to give students a holistic understanding of the syllabus, and make connections between chapters. I craft questions for my worksheets. I also cover Planning, and predict Planning question for every year. Near O and A level exams, students sit together for timed trials of mock papers which I specially prepare and include prediction of questions and style.
Winning a teaching award confirms and endorses my good teaching practices.
I specialise in Chemistry to ensure I deliver my very best Chemistry lessons.

Do you teach or let students just do worksheets of practice questions for the whole lesson?

Each lesson is 100% instruction by me. Practice questions are done with 100% instruction and guidance.